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Adventure play equipment

An Australian Hardwood Timber Narrative

Deepening our connection with the Australian environment, Rustik is an innovative collection of adventure play pieces that celebrate and honour our precious natural resources.

Australian Hardwood

Natural playscapes for future generations

A range of innovative adventure play equipment, craftsman built from sustainably sourced Australian Hardwood Timber, Rustik provides an immersive nature play experience for all recreational environments and creates a deep connection with nature to inspire current and future generations.

Quality Timber

Naturally superior

No Sapwood

All sapwood is removed from the timber via a laborious mechanical process, to ensure that only the heartwood, or truewood of the timber remains.

This process reveals the true beauty of the natural grain and removes any future risk of the timber splitting or peeling.

Single Species

We source only sustainably grown and responsibly harvested Ironbark (Eucalyptus Sideroxlylon).

This species is renowned for growing dense, durable, and fine-grained timber, and because of the natural dry growing conditions, the finished timbers have low moisture content, resulting in thin sap wood and minimal shrinkage when cut.

Quality Finish

All timbers are sanded and profiled for a smooth and organic finish, before being protected by multiple coats of Timber Treatment to enhance the natural grain and protect the timber from environmental contaminants.

Unstructured play experiences for all ages

Mother Nature

Holistic Childhood Development

Naturally inspired playspaces encourage children’s self- exploration and discovery, offering more opportunities to stimulate learning, creativity, and imagination while also strengthening their affinity with the elements that make up the space.

We know that children engaging more with nature is linked to reductions in stress while motivating them to be more physically active, independent and socially inclusive. It also gives them an appreciation for diversity within the natural environment, and the understanding that multiple elements are required to create a working ecosystem.

Ready to Specify

Innovative product range

Quality assured

Single sourced species (Eucalyptus Sideroxlylon)

We fully remove
all Sapwood

Class 1 durable for inground use

Inground footings for strength and durability

All footings are
bitumen sealed

Sustainably sourced

Craftsman built
in Australia

Harmonised with the Australian ecosystem

Rustik Timber Specification

Performance Specification

Future Focussed Australian Innovation

Trusted Process

Sapwood removal from ironbark stumps for Queenslanders’ house foundations has been a longstanding practice, providing durability against pests and natural disasters. This method is still used in preparing Rustik hardwood products.

Footings and Construction

Ironbark timber in Rustik nature play elements is Class 1 Durable, sealed with black bitumen paint for longevity and moisture protection. In-ground footings enhance strength and prevent water pooling.


Rustik Nature play elements use Australian hardwood timber meeting Timber Queensland guidelines, with sapwood fully removed for optimal strength. Selected species offer natural termite resistance, with additional protection if needed.

Ongoing Maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of Rustik Australian hardwood timbers are essential due to the natural reactivity to climate. Compliance with AS4685 and a yearly maintenance schedule for cleaning and reapplying protective coatings are recommended.

Australian Made

Crafted from Australian Hardwood Timber, Rustik pieces offer a unique warmth and natural experience designed to last generations. Each piece evolves over time, polished by the hands and feet of children who come to play.

Ready to Specify

Design professionals can easily specify elements from this collection with comprehensive design documentation available, including specification sheets, 2D CAD plans with fall zones, and downloadable 3D models from the design library.